Mission & Vision

We want to address the role of the curator and the artist in relation to the national art institutions in an attempt to find out what the status is for intercultural dialogue in the arts, what the power relations are on the global art scene and what the national art scene can learn from the international art scene. What are the effects of globalization when it comes to art?
We want to learn more about the overlaps and the differences between the global contemporary art scene and local cultures and arts communities. We want to look at the current trends on the international art scene. We want to find out what intercultural dialogue in the arts looks like and how it is perceived.


Our mission is to develop a new model of interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue on the contemporary art scene of today.

To situate the debate of intercultural dialogue in the arts in the context of a cultural and identity-based history as a way of expanding the territory of art into the field of culture.

To include various accounts and various histories of the multiple globalizations and temporalities.

To stimulate new, progressive arts movements, new thinking, networks and friendships to contribute to a more inclusive society.


Our vision is to see the emergence of an inclusive and creative society, where difference is welcomed and participation is valued.