The conference will focus on 3 sub-themes:

DAY 1: The Curatorial Strategies and Methods in the Age of Globalization. What can we learn from leading curators working with interculture and globalization (with focus on best practices)?
DAY 2: The Artistic Method and Practice in Multicultural Societies. The artwork as dialogue, collaborative making and participatory strategies in the age of globalization (with focus on best practices).
DAY 3: Cultural Policy Making. How to address the role of intercultural dialogue in cultural policy making in Europe and around the world (focus on the implementations process of UNESCO’s ”Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions”).

Conference elements:

• Amazing keynote lectures, roundtable discussions and panel talks from leading curators, artists and policy makers.
Workshops led by artists.
• Performances and art events.
• Exhibitions.
• Art party and networking event.
Guided tours to Copenhagen’s independent art scene and artist run spaces.