26 + 27 MAY


SWAPPING CAMP: Workshop/Dialogue/Work of Art


SWAPPING CAMP is an active debate workshop developed by format artist Thierry Geoffroy/COLONEL and curated in collaboration with independent curator Tijana Miskovic.

In two-person tents placed inside the conference venue an intimate encounter between people will take place. The notion of cultural exchange will in this unusual camp-like setting become very close to a personal exchange between two people. Swapping Camp is about sharing a moment and creating a temporal platform for exchange on a cultural, professional and personal level.

There is a performative and interactive element in the Swapping Camp workshop: The participants will be asked to debate inside the tents on a topic related to the over-all theme of the conference. During the 2 days of workshop you will meet new people and have a change to exchange your point of view with different people.

At the same time the tents can be seen as sculptural objects and will create an exhibition-like experience. Since the tents are mobile, their position will be changing during the workshop creating a dynamic art installation. Each tent will also be used as a four-sided canvas for painted statements made by the artist.

The general aesthetic of the tents in Swapping Camp refers to the nomadic, mobile, temporary solutions of housing. It reminds us about the emergency-situations and the reasons why people are moving from one culture to another. The intercultural mobility of people in the global context is more often provoked by necessity than by pleasure.

The act of swapping refers to the exchange between people and the willingness to give away something of ones own in order to receive something new. Openness, curiosity and critical thinking are the core elements to obtain a good dialog in Swapping Camp.

The outcome of the workshop will be distributed on the internet the same day .
This immediate way of communicating and exhibiting the content produced in SWAPPING CAMP contains a comment about being in time. It emphasizes the importance of the conference and the relevance of its topic in connection to actual happenings in the society at the moment.

The workshop is also one of the Pre-Events for COPENHAGEN ULTRACONTEMPORARY BIENNALE planned to take place in 2017.